Activity Fridays – Shark Dissection

On Friday August 1, 2014 students from grades 4-6 participated in a fun, exciting, and educational science activity. SHARK DISSECTION! Students were given the opportunity to dissect a dogshark.  Dogsharks are the most abundant sharks in the ocean. Students learned about the anatomy and were able to recognize the different organs in the shark’s body….

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Cupcake 5

Activity Fridays – Science of Baking

Science surrounds us everywhere, even in the food we eat!  On Friday July 25, 2014, students participated in a cupcake activity. Students learned the process of baking, applied what they learned in their math class (ratios, proportions, fractions etc.), decorate their cupcake, and finally get to eat their masterpiece! The goal of this activity is…

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Science Friday – Future Architects & Engineers!

On Friday on July 11, 2014, the elementary students of Excelsius Academy participated in a fun, engaging science activity called the “Straw Bridge Activity”. In this activity, the goal was to build stable bridges using only 30 straws. The students learned how to cut straws and tape them together in ways that would provide a…

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