Activity Fridays – Shark Dissection

On Friday August 1, 2014 students from grades 4-6 participated in a fun, exciting, and educational science activity. SHARK DISSECTION! Students were given the opportunity to dissect a dogshark.  Dogsharks are the most abundant sharks in the ocean. Students learned about the anatomy and were able to recognize the different organs in the shark’s body….

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ACTIVITY FRIDAYS – Germs / Bacteria Science Project

Everyone knows that you should always wash your hands. But why? And how often? Washing your hands is the best way to prevent the spread of germs. Through this science experiment, students explores which parts of the hand are the most difficult to wash germs off of. Student learned different hand washing techniques and concluded…

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These students were extra creative cutting each letter individually. very challenging!

Activity Fridays – Importance of Creativity

At Excelsius Academy, we believe that every person is creative or has a creative potential. It has nothing to do with how well one can draw. In this fast-paced world, creative abilities are more crucial than ever. Creativity allows you to adapt to your environment. It allows you to create new ideas when the old…

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