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Science Fridays 2017

Excelsius Academy’s 2017 summer program has started!  Students have been learning the Math and English for the upcoming year but also have had the chance to participate in multiple science experiments.



For the first week, students in grades 2 through 6 got to create “elephant toothtaste”,a multicolor yeast based experiment.  Each class took an empty water bottle and filled it with active yeast mixed into cold water.  As the water warmed up in the bottle, the yeast became active and alive.

IMG_00521       IMG_00761_01       IMG_01001


After a few minutes, a lab TA or teacher added hydrogen peroxide to the bottle.  The bottle was then closed with its cap.  The assistant would mix the yeast with the chemical, causing the yeast to create hydrogen gas and eventually……




BOOM! the hydrogen gas builds up enough pressure to explode.


On July 14, students in grades 4 through 10 got to familiarize themselves with the human heart.  Our two TAs, Christine Pham and Andrew Ngo, taught students about the four chambers of the heart, the blood flow throughout the body and the different vessels and valves.  Students were quizzed on the material on July 21 in preparation for the pig heart dissection on July 28.  Look forward to pictures of the activity next week!