At Excelsius, we take an active approach to developing our student’s reading and writing skills, as well as their speaking and listening skills, realizing that it is only through a thorough command of these skills that they will come to be effective critical readers, thinkers, and verbal and written communicators, and thus progress and excel academically.




Principal Le congratulating all the winners of the 2017 Essay Competition.  The theme for this year was on compassion.



We emphasize deep exposure to the principles and subtleties of English grammar and work hard at instilling in our students an ever-growing vocabulary to enable a wide-range of self-expression. Our insistence on full development and acquisition of language arts skills is reflected in grade school, middle school, and high school level courses of instruction, whether that is in a class or in one-on-one tutorial.


Elementary Reading and Writing Program
1st – 5th Grade

In our elementary courses, we work to ensure a thorough exposure to the basics of language arts. The time-tested method of phonics is used for reading instruction. The foundations of a good vocabulary are built by weekly work and drills.


Middle School Reading and Writing Program
6th – 8th Grade

In our middle school classes, we build on the elementary level foundation by completing the grammar course of study and by continually building English vocabulary. At this stage, we begin analytical and critical thinking in preparation for early expository writing.


High School Reading and Writing Program
9th – 12th Grade

In our high school level courses, we cash-in on the elementary and middle school preparation and emphasize preparation for college by increasing exposure to literature and embracing more ambitious writing forms: exposition, analytical, argumentative. Courses frequently have a very small enrollment and so are run in a seminar style which permits very close examination of student writing. Common high school texts are used as the basis of writing assignments, as well as exercises in reading aloud to detect weaknesses and strengths in students’ verbal command of English.

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