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Character Counts – PATIENCE

Congratulations to all award recipients! For each character trait taught throughout the summer, teachers select one student in their class who has most portrayed the characteristic of patience. We look forward to see the who will be chosen for the next character!

Thank you parents for your support.

Awarded: Friday, July 11, 2014

Character Counts

Our “Character Counts” program is included in our summer school. This program teaches kindness, trustworthiness, perseverance, and other important characters so that every child is grounded emotionally.

2014 Summer Character Counts Patience Winners
2014 Summer Character Counts Patience Winners – AM Session


PM Class
2014 Summer Character Counts Patience Winners – PM Session


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  Lily Huynh Lily always finishes her work a bit early, but she waits patiently for her friends to finish also by quietly reading a book. She loves helping others and is always patient and kind when she helps her friends.

Ms. Kraai, 1st Grade

 Quynh-Anh PhamShe always raises her hand when a question is asked, she takes turns with her class mates, and she does not complain.

Ms. Winger, 1st Grade

 Jackie Yenson Jackie has to take my class again because he’s not able to skip a grade. Jackie never complains about doing the same work again. He’s always hard working and happy.

Mrs. Khuong, 2nd Grade

 Kaylie  Brett
Kaylie DoI chose Kaylie because she finds something quiet to do, such as reading a book when her classmates are completing their classwork. Additionally, she shows patience by working out difficult Math problems.

Ms. Lam, 2nd Grade


 Angelina NguyenShe has exemplified qualities of patience in class and with her peers. In her writing, she has shared about showing patience to others, especially her parents as a form of respect.

Ms. Kim, 4th Grade

 Brett  VanWhen he finishes his work, he does not rush his classmates. He waits patiently by reading a book. He never complains or gets frustrated.

Ms. Tran, 3rd Grade

 Miyuki  Evonne  Johnny
Miyuki YasukawaMiyuki has shown great patience for 2 full weeks. She is a “fast finisher” during independent work, but always finds a respectful, quiet activity to do while others finish their work. She also worked patiently with her writing partner, giving him positive feedback and helping him write clear sentences. She is a great example of how patience can lead to positive results. She even got a 100% on both assessments last week!

Ms. Sagan, 3rd Grade

 Evonne NguyenShe raises her hand and wants to be called on when she has something to share. If she has a question, she waits patiently for others to finish first.

Ms. Chan, 4th Grade

 Johnny VuJohnny is an excellent example and role model of displaying patience. During collaborative conversations, he patiently awaits his turn to share his thoughts.Ms. Rodriguez, 4th Grade



Richard Vu

Richard did a great job of showing patience in the classroom. When many other students are interrupting a lesson to ask a question that is not important (when is break, what are we doing after break, what will the homework be), Richard would wait until the appropriate time to ask a question. Richard never asked a question in class that I had to respond, “Please be patient.”. He understood the need to wait for the appropriate time. He always raised his hand and waited for me to call on him before he answered. Also, he always wore his bracelet which was asked of him by the principal. Great job Richard, I am very proud of you!

Ms. Bertelson, 5th Grade

 Natalie  Lana  6tham
Natalie HuynhNatalie always waits without complaining. She takes her time on tests so she doesn’t make mistakes. When she is finished with an assignment, Natalie politely sits up straight with her hands folded waiting for the next instruction.

Mrs. Paternie, 5th Grade

Lana ZaideLana has a dedication to her work and to be successful. In the beginning of week 1, she desperately wanted to make sure she understood everything from the first day, however, patience shone through with the weeks as she tried her best and worked with no frustration but with focus.

Mrs. Albaba, 6th Grade

 Jaine T. NguyenI chose Jaine for the Patience
Award because she works hard to ensure hey own success. When she had trouble with a concept,  she patiently works until she has mastered it.

Ms. Garcia, 6th Grade

 1stpm  2ndpm  3rdjpm
Kyla NguyenShe is so patient when the other students are asking questions. Also when she waits for her turn to do things.

Mr. Eddy, 1st Grade

Stephanie HoangShe has a very positive attitude about everything. If she doesn’t know how to do something, she will try and try. She does not give up.

Mrs. Khuong, 2nd Grade

Vanessa NguyenShe displays her patience everyday and reads quietly.

Mr. Montes, 3rd Grade

 3rdpm    4th pm  
 Robert TranHe always waits patiently for his classmates to finish their work. He never rushes them. Instead he reads a book quietly.

Ms. Tran, 3rd Grade

Trevor PhamTrevor shows patience by raising his hand and waiting to be called on instead of shouting out the answer. He waits for his turn if I am busy helping another student.

Ms. Chan, 4th Grade

Jpaul LeJpaul always patiently waits his turn in class and during activities. He is also very patient with himself, and does not rush through assignments or classwork.

Ms. Kraai, 4th Grade

 5th pm2  6th pm2  6th pm
Cindy DoCindy exemplifies patience by waiting without complaining. When she is finished with an assignment, she calmly waits for the next set of instructions.

Mrs. Paternie, 5th Grade

Nelson VuNelson is a one-of-a-kind student. He’s smart, bright, but never gets frustrated.

Ms. Nguyen, 6th Grade

Vinh VoVinh has a quiet and patient nature. He is always kind to his peers. He often has to show patience when waiting for class to begin, or while another student is getting help.

Ms. Garcia, 6th Grade


5th pmZanvious Thantrong

Zanvious did an excellent job of showing patience in the classroom. When many other students are interrupting a lesson to ask a question that is not important (when is break, what are we doing after break, what will the homework be), Zanvious would wait until the appropriate time to ask a question. She never asked a question or made a comment that I had to respond, “Please be patient.” She always raised her hand and waited on me to call on her before she answered. Zanvious understands that it is very respectful and responsible to be patient. Great job Zanvious, I am very proud of you!

Ms. Bertelson, 5th Grade