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Activity Fridays – Science of Baking

Science surrounds us everywhere, even in the food we eat! 

On Friday July 25, 2014, students participated in a cupcake activity. Students learned the process of baking, applied what they learned in their math class (ratios, proportions, fractions etc.), decorate their cupcake, and finally get to eat their masterpiece! The goal of this activity is not only to teach the science of baking but to open the student’s mind and guide them be as creative as possible.

The students had a great time making cupcakes and had a delicious snack afterwards! Take a look of our photos below!

Cupcake 2
Students prepping their table with ingredients and supplies.
Cupcakes 6
Our students are so excited to make cupcakes!
Cupcake 1
After baking is complete, students decorate their cupcakes!
Cupcakes 8
Getting ready to start decorating!
Cupcake 5
Cupcake making is so much fun!
Cupcake 3
Students showing us their complete cupcake.
Cupcakes 12
Students have to wait and help each other finish decorating cupcakes before they can eat it.
Cupcakes 11
Students are split into teams from different classes to encourage new friendships.
Cupcakes 10
Students proudly showing us their cupcakes.
Cupcakes 7
Students look forward to every Activity Friday.
Cupcakes 9
Students showing their cupcake designs.
Cupcakes 4
“Can we make more cupcakes?”